We are open for celebration worship services every sunday at 10:17am!

We are open for weekly worship services! Our greeters wear masks, open doors and practice safe greetings! While masks are optional in the auditorium during worship, we do recommend that you wear a face covering for others peace of mind and security, especially in the foyer and hallways. If you forget your own, extra masks are available from the greeters. We also have hand sanitizers positioned throughout the building.

Every other row is used in the auditorium and we encourage you to leave two seats between any other parties for “social distancing”.

Our Children’s Church and Nursery Ministries will be open. In Children’s church the kids will be using Hula Hoops as a fun way to create a safe place for everyone. The Nursery will be open and all items are cleaned and sanitized before use.

We offer a time every Sunday to receive the Lord’s Supper using prepackaged communion bread and juice. The communion bread and cup are safely set out in the rows before the service. Your offering may be placed in the offering box in the foyer. You may prefer to give online by going to our DCC Giving Page or by texting the word “give” to 517-252-8453 or it can be mailed to the church. (Address below)

We look forward to seeing you in church!

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