We are open for celebration worship services every Sunday at 10:17am!


Here at DeWitt Christian Church you will find a warm and genuine welcome, a people who really love God and value every person – no matter what their background. Here you will find a people who are part of the family of God.

Our hope is that you will connect with God in worship and be encouraged by a message that is compelling, biblical and relevant for your life today. We believe that the church is the loving home in which our Father God transforms people into the best they can become through the work of the Holy Spirit and the love of brothers and sisters in Christ. All of our teaching, Home Groups, and ministries are designed to challenge you in your spiritual development.

Watch Previous Sermons Online!

First Roots: God's Word A look at the day 3000 souls responded to Peter's call to repentance and baptism. It's all recorded for us by Luke in Acts 2. But the real story isn't about Peter! It's about God and his work through His Spirit... We see first His presence, His convicting power, and finally His gift of life. Watch this sermon online!
First Roots: God's Time The four steps the Disciples took to build God's Kingdom. Watch this sermon online!
The Death-Defying Life: The Death of Death When Jesus died, death died. Watch this sermon online!
The Death-Defying Life: The Sting of Death This week we are turning away from our own death and looking instead at the most amazing death of all. The death of God, in the person of Jesus. When we examine the events of Jesus' last week it is obvious that His life was not taken... it was given. Jesus lay down his life for me and for you in the supreme sacrifice of love. And it was this act of love that removed the sting of death. Watch this sermon online!