We are open for celebration worship services every Sunday at 10:17am!


Here at DeWitt Christian Church you will find a warm and genuine welcome, a people who really love God and value every person – no matter what their background. Here you will find a people who are part of the family of God.

Our hope is that you will connect with God in worship and be encouraged by a message that is compelling, biblical and relevant for your life today. We believe that the church is the loving home in which our Father God transforms people into the best they can become through the work of the Holy Spirit and the love of brothers and sisters in Christ. All of our teaching, Home Groups, and ministries are designed to challenge you in your spiritual development.

Watch Previous Sermons Online!

The Invitation: Be Focused This week the message from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is about where He tells us "ask, seek, and knock." Read Matthew 7:7-14 . We'll be talking about what the Bible teaches about answers to our prayers. The message will end with three really important questions. Watch this sermon online!
The Invitation: Be Gracious A look at Matthew 7:1-6 . This is one of the most misused and misrepresented teaching of Jesus. - judging others... or not judging others. Watch this sermon online!
The Invitation: Be Content A look at what Jesus has to say about being really free from financial burdens. In fact, if Jesus wrote a book on the subject, it might be called "Three Steps to Real Freedom. Watch this sermon online!
The Invitation: Be Real We don't have to be MVP's. Our Father God just wants us to be real and to do our best. In Matthew 6, Jesus has a few things to say about those who pretend to care about others and who pose as being close to God. Then he tells us how to be real with others in our giving and with our Father God in our prayers. Watch this sermon online!