Thomas Gorsuch, Elder
2931 West Herbison Road

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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Tom, who has served the church as an Elder for many years, was born and raised on a farm in Wauseon, Ohio. At a young age, Tom drove tractor and helped his parents work their farm and milk cows. After graduating from high school in 1966, Tom moved to Lansing, Michigan and attended Great Lakes Bible College (currently known as Great Lakes Christian College). While attending college, Tom started working at the Oldsmobile Division of General Motors (GM) in April of 1969, and worked for 38 years before retiring in 2007. While working at GM, and after graduating from GLCC, Tom received a “Greetings” letter from Uncle Sam and then joined the Michigan National Guard in October 1972, and served with the Guard until his retirement in 2000.

Tom married Diane Sue Blakslee in June of 1969 and they had 3 girls, Heather Sue, Anna May and Carrie Jean.
Tom enjoyed working at GM as a crane operator and die setter. While being in the Michigan National Guard he started as a motor pool clerk and closed his military career as a Platoon Sargent when he retired. While in the Guard he traveled to Germany for two weeks maneuvers, went to Detroit for a Governor’s conference, drove a Brigadier General around the state of Michigan, flew with the General to Washington D.C., and got to stand on top of the Mackinaw Bridge Columns twice (quite a climb and magnificent view).

Tom really enjoys spending time with his 3 grandchildren and his family. He also enjoys traveling when schedules with grandkids allow it. Over the years, Tom and Jess have had other kids in their home as part of their family, and now those kids have kids of their own, and are also part of the extended family.