Tyler Dawdy, Worship Minister
2931 West Herbison Road

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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Tyler grew up in the greater Lansing area. His parents, Charla Malkin and David Dawdy, have been heavily involved in church for all of Tyler’s life and have been strong influences in his decision to enter into ministry.

Tyler graduated from Great Lakes Christian College in 2019 after studying music, youth ministry, and Bible theology.

Previously, Tyler has served and interned at 2|42 Community Church’s Lansing Campus from 2016-1019 as part of the High School and Middle School Student’s team, which included leading small groups, writing small group questions, planning Student’s events, and teaching on a regular basis.

In February 2019, Tyler was hired part-time as staff at DeWitt Christian Church as Worship Minister. In January 2020, Tyler became a full-time staff member of DeWitt Christian Church as Worship Minister and Associate Minister.

Tyler has been happily married to his wife, Hayley Dawdy since June 2019.