CELEBRATION SERVICES UPDATE: As the governor of Michigan has issued an executive order banning all gathering of and size (with the exception of family members) and requiring everyone to "shelter at home" until April 13. This means that our Easter Service will be online. We are planning for our next Celebration service to be the week following, April 19, 2020 unless circumstances change.. 

ONLINE SERVICES: Our online services began at 10:17 this past Sunday at our DeWitt Christian Church's YouTube Channel.  At the writing of this note we have had 149 views. 

This was our theme during our recent building campaign  Do you remember that? So much has happened in the last few weeks it seems like it was a couple of months ago!  

I know that while the stock market tanks, the roads empty, our favorite restaurants are closed, and our shops are shut down or limping along, it seems like we have been abandoned by God... but we have not! Our God still reigns supreme. At times like these we are called to remember that our faith is not in our government, our checking account, retirement investments, or even in our community. Our faith is in Jesus and our trust is in God. He has never let us down and he never will.  

I saw this sign posted on a "round about" near my home.  I don't know who created it but I know they are absolutely correct... not because they have proclaimed it but because our Lord's gracious hand is on us.

We are his kids and we are part of his Kingdom - now and forever! So no matter what the sign is right. We will be fine because we are children of God!

PASS THE WORD: We will be posting the next and every Sunday's Celebration Service at 10:17 on Sunday mornings. Share it with your friends.  You never know how many people may be drawn to God during these difficult and challenging times. 

Also let me know if you would be interested in a DCC Online Group. We are considering starting up some groups of up to 6-10 people online using an online video program called "Zoom".  Click on the link above if you are interested.

UPDATE on Building the Vision Campaign: We have commitments of $45,320 and have actually received $5,955 in offerings.  The Noisy offering came to $313.46!!! You can give to our Phase One building project (New foyer and roof) by giving to the "DCC Building Fund."

OFFERINGS: Thank for remembering DeWitt Christian Church in your offerings.  While the ban on gatherings is for three weeks the work of the church continues.  You can give your offerings in several different ways.

  • Mail:Write a check and send it to DeWitt Christian Church, 2931 W. Herbison Road, DeWitt, MI  48820
  • Computer:Give at the DCC Giving Page online
  • Smart Phone:Give your offering by texting "give" to 517-252-8453 and follow the prompts.

Please remember to stay safe and stay healthy. We are praying for you, for our nation, and our world.