April 2024

First Roots - God Builds His Church

The building of the Kingdom of God is an amazing story mostly because Jesus, the one who makes it possible… leaves and give over the actual work of building the kingdom to His apostles and His disciples. This is not what Elon Musk or Bill Gates would do. They would be hands on, controlling every decision and leading their followers to success. But Jesus is building a different kind of kingdom by working through His people.

There were challenges to the growth of God’s Church. On the outside, there were those who didn’t like the message because it was counter to their narrative. Others saw the church as a threat to their position and influence, so they attacked the leaders. And on the inside, there were some who were hypocrites and wanted to look spiritual without the sacrifice. Others were whiners and complained loudly when they were wronged.

Yet, despite all the opposition on the outside and all the humanity on the inside, the church grew and soon conquered the world. The reason that God’s church grows is because it is his kingdom. No matter the resistance, when the focus of the church is on God… the church just grows.  
First Roots – God Grows His Church
April 7: God’s Time – Acts 1  
April 14: God’s Work – Acts 2:1-41
April 21: God’s People – Acts 2:42-47
April 28: God’s Agenda – Acts 3–4:31
May 5: God’s Direction – Acts 4:32-5:11
May 12: God’s Power – Acts 5:12-42

Phase II Building Update

We are continuing to work on our plans and permits to build this year. Here are the projects being actively pursued:
  • Installation of lighting to complete the pavilion.
  • Completion of the plans for an addition on the east side of the present building. Included will be additional office space, a conference/classroom, large kitchen with pantry/storage, table and chair storage for the auditorium, worship prep and storage area, and two bathrooms.
  • We are also working on the storm water drainage plan as well as connecting to the city water supply system.
  • Finally, we are working on the expansion of our parking area. We currently have 48 parking spaces. We are planning to double the number of spaces to give us a total of 96.  We will also be adding additional outdoor lighting.
Please continue to pray for these plans. We are working getting the plans, the approvals for all of these efforts, and breaking ground sometime in the next few months!  

Friday Night Game Night

Upper Room Student Ministries is hosting a monthly Friday Night Game Night the first Friday of the month for the remainder of the school year. This is for students in 6th-12th grade. There will be video games, classic games, four square and more! Snacks will also be provided.


Every year it is important for us at DeWitt Christian Church to stop and appreciate our many volunteers!  

On each of the Sundays in April this year we will be introducing a couple of our Ministry Leaders and letting their team members know how much their work means to us and to the community around us.

Every Person and Every Moment Makes a Difference!

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Miss a Sunday?

All of our worship services can be found on our YouTube channel! Videos are uploaded each Sunday (there is currently a 1 week delay).



Phyllis Forsythe
April 3rd

Phyllis Barker
April 4th

Marti Clark
April 10th

Liz Allison
April 12th

Bill Gordon
April 14th

Scott Hager
April 22nd

Bethany Hager
April 25th

Tim Heckaman
April 25th

Carol Erwin
April 27th

Corwin Scheidler
April 29th

Diann Heppard
April 30th



Mark and Wendy Baker
April 24th

Chris and Beth Clarke
April 18th
Celebrating 32 years!