"The Greatness of God" Teaching Series
from July 31st to August 28th

For generations, God had been trying to get the attention of the Israelites. However, they continued to disobey him. Most of Isaiah is God’s final warning and prophecy about the destruction of Jerusalem. In Chapter 40, the tone of the writing changes and begins to focus on the greatness of God and a reminder of his goodness. Regardless of Israel’s unfaithfulness, God will remain faithful and His greatness overshadows their mistakes and sinfulness.  
During this series taught by both Rick Stacy and Tyler Dawdy we will cover the many ways that God is Great!

July 31: The Greatness of His Person
August 7: The Greatness of His Purpose
August 14: The Greatness of His Pardon
August 21: The Greatness of His Promise
August 28: The Greatness of His Power

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4th Annual Hawaiian Shirt Day

Join us August 7th for our 4th Annual Hawaiian Shirt Day! Why? Well, because it's summer in Michigan and why not! Special recognition for the loudest and gaudiest colors!

Friend Day and Pig Roast Picnic

We are encouraging everyone at DeWitt Christian Church to invite a friend to join us for worship and a pig roast (pulled pork) picnic immediately following services.
I encourage you to…
  • PRAY: Make a list of five friends who need Jesus in their life and start praying for them daily… by name.
  • INVEST: Spend some quality time with your friends, invest in your relationship with them, be vulnerable, and ask for help.  In other words, be a friend to your friends.
  • INVITE: Ask a friend to join you for our friend day celebration on August 28.  Ask a friend to visit your home group.
  • PURSUE: Remember that it takes an average of 8 invitations before someone will actually come to church with you. Don’t be a stalker or be pushy. Just let them know that you’d love to have them join you.  Offer to meet them in the parking lot so you can come in with them.

Coming Soon at DCC

July 31 – A new Teaching Series on the Book of Isaiah
August 7 – Hawaiian Shirt Day
August 28 – Pig Roast: All church fellowship following our Celebration Service
September 4 – New Teaching Series: Broken!
October 3 – Fall Kickoff: Show Me the Father
October 23 - Phase II Building Campaign Kickoff

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Brian Scheidler
August 4th

Rick Stacy
August 7th

Robby Keller
August 12th

Gloria Telfer
August 13th

Amelia Sneary
August 15th

Jimmy Butt
August 17th

Don Lowell
August 23rd

Mark St. Louis
August 23rd

Pat North
August 24th

Amy Lowell
August 25th

Bruce Telfer
August 27th


Tom & Phyllis Barker
August 5th
Celebrating 33 years!

Brian & Heather Scheidler
August 9th
Celebrating 19 years!

Chuck & Pat Cross
August 21st
Celebrating 51 years!

Don & Amy Lowell
August 22nd
Celebrating 7 years!

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