Some Thoughts About Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Rick Stacy, Senior Minister
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Since the beginning of February we have been studying the letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to the Christian believers in Rome. Here are some of the things we have learned so far…
  • In Romans 1 & 2 we learn that sin is a disease that has attacked everyone in the world. It begins with the neglect of God and ends with the rejection of God. Because of Sin we are all under God’s righteous judgment.
  • In Romans 3 & 4 Paul tells us that no one is able to stand before God as except by faith in Jesus… which God credits to us as righteousness.
  • In Romans 4 & 5 we learn why Jesus is able to make us acceptable to God in spite of our sin – through his sacrifice and his resurrection which we take on ourselves through our obedience to Him as Lord.
  • In Romans 7 & 8 we are taught that it is the work of God, through His Spirit that works in us to give us new life, strengthen us through the battle with the sin nature in us and assures us of our new relationship to God as His children – forever!
  • In Romans 9, 10, & 11 Paul teaches us about how (physical & Spiritual) Israel was used by God in the past, seeks Israel in the present, and can save Israel in the future.
  • In Romans 12 three imperatives are given to us about spiritual worship: 1) the renewing of the mind; 2) serving as a member of the body and: 3) Loving others.
  • In the next month we will be learning about our mission as followers of Jesus:
    • Romans 13 – as part of our world
    • Romans 14 – as part of the Lord’s Church
    • Romans 15 – as those who are called to tell others
    • Romans 16 – as one of the many who are called into the Kingdom of God.
Take some time this week and read through this letter to the Romans again. Ask God to help you understand and to put into practice the teachings of the Apostle Paul in your life following the RAP plan.
  • R = Read through a passage with the intention of understanding God’s message to you today.
  • A = Ask yourself how you can and should apply God’s message to your life today.
  • P = Talk to God in prayer and ask for His help in applying his word today.
Now, go and look for the opportunities that God gives you to do what God is calling on you to do – Today!

May God bless you and others through you,

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Sarah Heckaman, Youth Minister
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Graduation Thoughts

You—or someone you know—may soon be graduating. I extend my congratulations! Whether you set new academic records or not, you finished. You saw it through. I commend you. Before that happens, however, let me give you four simple commandments that apply to anyone who is graduating. My thoughts grow out of the final four verses of 2 Timothy 3.

1. Don't stop your learning. Paul urges his friend Timothy to "continue in the things you have learned" (3:14). It is one thing to take a course, to complete one's work, to earn a diploma or a degree; it's another thing to become a student for the rest of your life: to remain hungry for knowledge, to stay curious, to read widely, to be adventurous, creative, on a never-ending pursuit of truth.

2. Don't forget your leaders. As Paul reminds his friend to continue in those things he has learned, he adds, "knowing from whom you have learned them." Timothy needed to remember, to stay near, to thank the teachers who had impacted his life and contributed to his growth.

3. Don't discount your legacy. Timothy's heart didn't just happen to be open and sensitive to spiritual things. He was the product of a legacy, a spiritual continuum. His mentor, Paul, affirms, "For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice" (1:5).

4. Don't ignore your Lord. As Paul closes these very personal lines to his younger friend, he returns to "the sacred writings" and assures Timothy that "all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable . . . that the man [and the woman] of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work" (3:16–17). In effect he was saying that God's Word would remain a reliable, profitable source of nutritious food throughout his life and was exhorting him to stay close to the Lord, regardless.

And so, graduate, continue feeding on God's Word. Stay near the only One who can lead you safely on your journey.

For those of you for whom graduation is a dim memory, the admonition remains the same: Don't stop your learning. Don't forget your leaders. Don't discount your legacy. Don't ignore your Lord.

*Written by Charles R. Swindol



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