What has led us to believe we can return to live services safely?

The rate of confirmed cases in our region is very small and continues a downward trajectory.1 The communicability factor of COVID-19 (the R0 factor) is less than 1.0 in our region.2 This means one infected person is currently infecting less than one other person who has no immunity to COVID-19. Our leadership and our community are well-versed in the personal precautionary measures recommended by the CDC to deter the growth of the virus – frequent hand-washing, self-quarantining of anyone exhibiting symptoms of the virus, etc.3 While Governor Whitmer has communicated her desire for churches to remain closed, her office has been clear that churches may meet while following recommendations for safe precautionary measures.

How are we going to be able to social distance in the auditorium?

Seating in the auditorium will be on the opposite ends of every other row so no one will be seated in the row directly in front of you or behind you. We will have ushers to give you guidance as to where to sit if you need it.

Will families be able to sit together?

Yes. Sitting at the opposite ends of every other row will allow families to sit together and maintain the recommended six-foot separation from others participating in the service.

Am I going to be encouraged to shake hands or hug anyone?

No. We will have some fun with this but maintain safe distance interaction

Will the auditorium, restrooms, and hard services (like door handles) be sanitized?

Yes. We will be cleaning and sanitizing all hard surfaces in these areas on Saturdays.

Should I bring my own hand sanitizer?

You certainly may, but we will have CDC recommended hand sanitizer available in several locations in the building.

Will the Children’s Church and Nursery be open?

No. It can be difficult to keep them socially distant! We think that it is smarter and safer to have them worship with their parents. Personalized activity boxes with their own children’s Bible will be available and kept in the building for each child. We anticipate reopening those ministries on September 13.

Am I going to open and close doors?

No. Our Greeters Team is fantastic; they are preparing to open all doors for you!

Will we be passing the Communion and Offering Trays during the service?

No. Pre-packaged Communion (bread and juice) will be available for all participants in the auditorium at each seat. During our communion time there will be a meditation and you will be invited to share the Lord’s Supper as part of the family of God. Offerings will be received either through our website giving, through texting or may be placed in the offering box that will be in the foyer.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

It’s completely up to you. If you may have been exposed recently to someone with the virus, we would love for you to wear one for the protection of others. You may wish to wear one to put others at ease.

If I or a member of my family member have COVID-like symptoms, can I still come to church?

Please don’t. Instead come to worship virtually with our online experience. While it may inconvenience you a bit, it will be a great demonstration of love and concern for everyone else coming to worship.

Will we be checking temperatures and individually questioning people as they arrive?

No, we trust you to be wise and prescreen yourself and your family before heading to DCC.

Are we excited to be reopening and for what God is going to do through this pandemic?

Absolutely! This is what discipleship is all about – following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and pursuing the mission of Jesus...no matter the circumstances!


1 https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-98163-520743--,00.html; Clinton County 0.17%, Ingham County 0.25%, Shiawassee 0.34%
2 https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/study-estimates-24-states-still-have-uncontrolled-coronavirus-spread/2020/05/22/d3032470-9c43-11ea-ac72-3841fcc9b35f_story.html
3 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html